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Is Your Training Program Motivational? Part 2:

In my previous post I hit on the topic of Mastery. Are your practices and training programs structured so that your players can progress and be fulfilled with a sense of accomplishment? The second crucial necessity, described below, for building a program that motivates can often contradict that previous point. This challenge makes building an…

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Improve Player Motivation thru Measurement

Is Your Training Program Motivational? Part 1:

We’ve written on this topic before, but it is worth breaking it down into actionable pieces. Plus, just as Impakt Athletics is all about helping coaches get more out of their game preparation, we also want your players to get the most out of their experiences. Speaking of their experiences, have you had a chance…

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Provide the map, not the motor.

Mentorship Month

January is Mentorship Month. The topic wouldn’t have a designated month if it wasn’t important, but you probably already knew that. More than likely you’ve had one or a handful of great mentors in your life. You are now at a mentor crossroads in your life. You are in an influential position to dramatically change the…

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Impakt Playbook

3 Ways to Improve Player Reaction

Let’s face it. You can talk until you are blue, or more likely, red, in the face and your players still aren’t retaining half of what you’ve said. For those of you who are educators, the same could be said for most classrooms. These three simple routines will make significant strides with player retention, and therefore, reaction…

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Future of Coaching Education

Written by Coach Fisher, a guest blogger, Texas football coach and administrator of #txhsfbchat Traditionally football coaches have the opportunity to attend clinics in the Spring and Summer to learn from coaches at the top of their profession and network with coaches across the state. These clinics can offer insight into what has made these…

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Courtesy of Blackburn Photography

Three essential ingredients to get your players in the weight room (even when you aren’t around!)

Like many of you, I’ve coached at all different levels. I’ve worked with top collegiate athletes to speed up their release and I’ve taught 2nd grade flag footballers how to wipe their nose on their sleeve.  Despite the different situations, I’ve faced a common challenge. “How the hell do I get __________(insert any name) to…

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How did you spend your time this season?

Coach Like Ike

You don’t need to be teaching history classes at your school to realize the impakt that military leaders have on our country.  Not since Colin Powell affirmed that he wasn’t going to run a decade ago, we haven’t had a top presidential candidate strictly from the military ranks. Yet, before him, think about the great Presidents who…

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My feeling towards my computer at the time

Free me from “coaching” so I can COACH!

Nine  years ago I  made the decision to follow my passion. I was going to leave my 9 to 5 (more like 7 to 6 most days!).  I was making the leap from a great paying job so that I could give back. My reward was going to be making a difference. I was going…

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