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There is a lot these days to distract our players and ourselves. Big world issues to worry about. A lot to stress over. While many of these issues are important and should require our thoughtful attention at certain times, they can also be degrading and divisive if allowed to run unchecked, rampantly through our heads.

I applaud the coach willing to address these issues and use them as coachable moments with his team. Yet, there is a benefit to being able to block out the distracting noise, coalesce around your teammates and push through towards a common goal.  Use team workouts this summer to both address the bigger issues going on around the world, and then teach your young men to be in control of their own mind by setting these issues aside as they tackle the workouts or drills in front of them.

As a coach, one of my favorite phrases to my players was “Control what you can control, and let God deal with the rest.”  What can you, or they, control?


Hard Work.

Perseverance and Intensity.

They are completely within one’s control. Plus, the funny thing is, when you start to push those to the max, the rest of the world’s stresses seem to fade to the background. If a team collectively can do this, then the team will exist for one purpose. For the team. It is in this state that hardened unity can be forged.

Share these thoughts with your other coaches. With your team captains. There is a larger lesson that the world could learn from your team’s commitment to a common goal and the grueling hard work that your men perform out on the field. Maybe come this fall, the world will take notice of what your team, unified through the hard work they’ve journeyed through, is capable of achieving.


– Coach Campbell


Posted on July 13, 2016 in Motivational

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