Is Your Training Program Motivational? Part 1:

Improve Player Motivation thru Measurement

We’ve written on this topic before, but it is worth breaking it down into actionable pieces. Plus, just as Impakt Athletics is all about helping coaches get more out of their game preparation, we also want your players to get the most out of their experiences.

Speaking of their experiences, have you had a chance to think through how their experiences are measured? When your player improves in their skill development (what developmental psychologists call Mastery), how do they know they are improving? If players don’t have an opportunity to ‘move up’ as they improve, they will likely become burnt out and throw in the towel.


This presents more of a challenge than a sideline bystander may think. You’ve likely already thought about the stories of every child getting a participation trophy. That is certainly not what we are advocating. Plus that may lead to an erosion of team motivation. What we are advocating is a feedback loop for your players to track their improvement. That is why we designed our Impakt Coaching software to link player grading scores with the players’ online playbook. If your program isn’t ready for this system yet, have your player have a coach, friend or parent track their behavior as they train. (think recording shuttle times, or % of receptions made…)


Log the results and keep them in a visible place.

What gets measured, gets managed.

As they ‘manage’ it, they master it.

As they master it, they become motivated to do more.

As a coach, you’ve helped impakt another life.


Posted on April 2, 2016 in Motivational

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