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Earlier this spring we were in a meeting with a DI national powerhouse. I’ll leave said dynasty unnamed, but let’s just say they systematically destroyed my alma mater in their major bowl game just a few months earlier.

They made two comments that summarize most conversations we’ve had with coaches on our journey at Impakt to revolutionize coaching. Both comments were from their OC. The first was early in our pitch of Impakt Scripting, a product which significantly reduces the time required to prepare for practices and makes those practice scripts intelligently reflective of what your team will be facing with the upcoming opponent.  Here was his comment.

“No analytics. We’re fine there.”

Now, this would seem like deflating comment to run into. We’ve actually gotten this response from a lot of team, even before they knew our offer.  It would have been like hitting a brick wall, except we agree with him.

No team needs analytics.  They need to make decisions that result in turning a potential L into a W. Simple as that. That’s why we built Impakt Scripting. We translate the mass amount of data that programs have and simply and immediately return suggestions. Suggestions that coaches would have made, if they had an army of assistants reviewing all the old film and diving through piles of stats. What programs need is more resources, or to use what they have more efficiently.

This is why the second comment profound comment was made.

“… we’ve seen enough already to know we want this.”

You see, here at Impakt, we do use analytics. Yet, since our program is designed by coaches, we get right to the final decision, so coaches and their staff don’t have to do analytics (i.e. sift through columns of data). We want coaches to coach. Our goal is to give coaches their life back. That is how we start to create a coaching revolution.


– Coach Campbell

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